Glasgow Economic Theory Group

Anna Bogomolnaia, Professor
    Game theory, cooperative games, social choice, mechanism design, matching and assignments, networks
Bram Driesen, Lecturer
    Game theory, primarily focused on bargaining (cooperative as well as non-cooperative) and decision theory
Francesca Flamini, Lecturer
    Game theory (especially bargaining, agenda formation and dynamic accumulation) and its applications
Sayantan Ghosal, Professor
    Economic theory and its applications including foundations of general equilibrium; behavioural welfare economics; internal constraints and deprivation traps; financial crisis; endogenous formation of networks and groups; global cooperation and climate change; long-run growth
Takashi Hayashi, Professor
    Decision theory, consumer theory, welfare economics
Alexander Kovalenkov, Reader
    Game theory, economies with clubs, theory of incentives, social choice, information economics, general equilibrium, financial markets
Michele Lombardi, Senior Lecturer
    Choice and decision theory, axiomatic methods in individual and collective choice, game theory, mechanism design, welfare economics
Hervé Moulin, Professor (Donald J. Robertson Chair)
    Distributive justice, mechanism design, social choice and game theories
Bart Taub, Professor
    Financial economics, contract theory, asset markets
Yiannis Vailakis, Professor
    General equilibrium theory, macroeconomics and optimisation with applications to economic theory
    Game theory & microeconomic theory: non-Bayesian decision making and adaptive learning, search, bargaining, and contracts